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fragile life by SpikedCandy fragile life :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 2 edge of forever by SpikedCandy edge of forever :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 7
right of faith
Lying on the ground curled up and all you feel is pain
Remembering the thing that happened, yet it happened all the same
Although you prayed as best you could you still had to endure
The pain that cuts into your heart for which there is no cure
When all you ever had been told is false and is a lie
The time has come to give it up lay down your life and die
For all you ever believed and loved lets you down so many times
Yet you still believed that he was there, you ignored all the signs
Let go of faith in the one above he can't do anything at all
Just close your eyes and dream of death and let your spirit fall
For what they always told you was what they wanted you to believe
They blinded you from the truth; to seek you have to see
That religions created through others eyes and for their own selfish greed
Ignoring the individuals right and each persons needs
Ignore the mainstream religious faith for you will be led astray
Find your true faith, for then you have the right to pray
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 1 18
Come with me
It must be false that forever can last forever. Everything must come to an end, at some point or another everything will die and nothing will survive on earth.
The grey seemed to consume the land as she looked over the endless sea. The world was lacking colour yet again, this fog had covered the town for days now and showed no sign of departing. Tired and weak from the full days work she made her way home, trying to see in front of her so that she would not stumble and fall for she did not know if she had the energy to pick herself up. The weather continued to worsen, every step she took brought the weather to curse against her even more. With no sign of escape she trudged along, doing her best not to collapse. It was proving to be difficult.
Ten minutes had passed and still the weather continued to beat her. What had started off as light showers had now turned to vicious hail, hitting her and making her cheeks sting. Squinting she saw through the fog that there was a bus shelter close
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 4
through the holy window
look in the holy window and what do we see
looking through bright coloured glass
the man at the pulpit declaring his faith
then smiling as satan walks past
look in the holy window and what do we see
through the door marked with a cross
a priest at a table surrounded by gold
calculating his profit and loss
look in the holy window and what do we see
as the sermon is due to begin
deacons bowing their heads as to conduct a prayer
while planning their meticulous sins
look in the holy window and what do we see
christ with a tear in his eye
through corruption of weak the church tumbles down
the faith must inevitably die
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 2 18
Dear Mr Sunflower Man
I remember running through the sunflower field with you as a child. I don't remember but I like to pretend. Me getting lost in the mass of yellow while you laugh trying to find me. Yes that's how I want to remember. I don't want to remember nothing, absolutely nothing about you at all.
I never knew you. There we go another lie. I did know you, only for the first year of my life. I swear to all gods that that must have been the best year of my life. Ironic now that I think about it. The best year of my life was the one I can't remember anything about. I would give up all 17 years of my life to be in your arms again. The stupid thing is I don't know why I feel like this. I'm crying over the man I never knew and the one I hated to lose the most.  I miss you. That's all I can say. Wish you were here? I know you look after me, I've felt your presence and I've felt you guide me from wherever you are and seriously, I thank the gods that they let me feel that you are still with me. D
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 3
Van Morrison by SpikedCandy Van Morrison :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 1 0
Drunk again
Stumbling against a concrete wall
Hand scraping hard I'm bleeding
If I had never known you
I wouldn't be like this, I'm weeping
For all I lost, for all I knew
And for all that won't return
My cigarette stub is still smoking away
And my fingertips begin to burn
I crash to the ground my skirt becomes wet
As I noticed it's starting to rain
I don't move myself from my self-proclaimed grave
And think of my depression again
Coins twinkle at my feet, and I look through the darkness
At shadows passing me by
This is what I've become, a drunk with no love
And I'll be like this till I die
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 2 22
I need to get a job deux by SpikedCandy I need to get a job deux :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 12 my loves by SpikedCandy my loves :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 3
Try not to cry anymore, try not to breathe.
Its better to be ignorant than trying to believe.
Life goes on whether you are in it or not, you cant prove otherwise.
Whoever tells you that your special, forget it, all they tell are lies.
So sitting down alone again, you don't know what to say
You watch the time pass slowly, there goes another day
Life's full of contradictions but its fun to watch and see
Who can destroy a life and who wants to be free
Tomorrows looking bleaker the next days looking cold
And all you want and all you need is someone there to hold
Well they're not there they'll never be its too late now for you
You wasted love so long ago, don't sigh you know its true
Close the coffin lid now and slowly close your eyes
No one will notice that you're gone.  It wont be a surprise
You cannot make a difference to corruption, that is clear
You might as well just stop trying; enjoy it while you're here
To bask in evils glory, is normal practice for just now
We cannot see
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 1 9
Infernally speaking
Darkness can overcome the light. Did you know that? Oh yes so easily the world can be consumed by darkness and life will fall. It's only a matter of time. I have to just bide it well. Too many things get me down at the moment, for one religion. You see all those people hyped up about something that doesn't exist and yet they still dedicate their lives to it, poor buggers. I mean have you any idea how much abuse I get? It hurts like hell, heh. Seriously though, you guys don't like people calling you all evil and hating you without even getting to know you. It's in a job like this you get to know your real friends, the ones who will stand by you no matter what the world throws at you… literally. No wonder I turned to drink. Secondly I hate those Satanist guys. You would think I would love all those who worshipped me. Hah! They are just looking for an excuse to do all sorts of evil, twisted shit and use me as their reason. I'm their horned god…. I don't even have horns! Those guys don't k
:iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 11
just a few... by SpikedCandy just a few... :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 2 i need to get a job. by SpikedCandy i need to get a job. :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 3 12 trapped in the eyes by SpikedCandy trapped in the eyes :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 0 7 Brandon Lee by SpikedCandy Brandon Lee :iconspikedcandy:SpikedCandy 3 4


Erio Mem Dreams: Seraphim by solei Erio Mem Dreams: Seraphim :iconsolei:solei 856 97
Corpse's Betrayal
Oh corpse, my dear,
Where have you been?
But "out with the lads"
Is not what you mean
While I sit and I wait,
My thoughts all on you,
You pull on the strings,
Of not one love, but two,
I give you my life,
My love and my soul,
You give me blank stares,
Your eyes black as coal,
Alone in the dark,
With you by my side,
The parents are listening,
Your moans we will hide,
And then, one cold night,
A knock at the door,
A woman stands there,
And sure to implore:
"Alrigh' love? You wouldn' 'happen to know where corpse is, would ya'?"
"Me an' 'im 'ave...y'know..Something goin' on"
She then winked at me.
So I shot her.
:iconvansen:vansen 2 10
Ye Old Brothel by Dakkuo Ye Old Brothel :icondakkuo:Dakkuo 1 6 Sugar Down by Dakkuo Sugar Down :icondakkuo:Dakkuo 2 11 Forest2 by neveldal Forest2 :iconneveldal:neveldal 2 0 messenger by suzi9mm
Mature content
messenger :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 2,102 572
The After Effect II by Songbd12 The After Effect II :iconsongbd12:Songbd12 2 0 Our God by Dakkuo Our God :icondakkuo:Dakkuo 0 8 Krista by DocRedfield
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Krista :icondocredfield:DocRedfield 28 21
Fursona: Willow by Dakkuo Fursona: Willow :icondakkuo:Dakkuo 1 8 Solitude by Parororo Solitude :iconparororo:Parororo 5,741 1,216
Walk The Broken Path
The path of truth the path of god,
The way the world should be.
Filled up with lies we close our eyes
To the truth that sets us free.
We follow in our preacher's steps,
Make the same mistakes they made.
And as we walk blind we never find
The world we say we saved.
So bow before your god of gods,
And pray he'll set you free.
The whole world can walk on the broken path.
But me.
:icondakkuo:Dakkuo 0 11
Suicide's of the 21st Century.
Time to go and leave this place,
To save you from your broken face,
Go and plant another seed,
For it's not me you really need,
It's my time, I have to go,
Dont' be sad, because I know,
That it's my choice that I have died,
Face down in my own suicide,
Now it's time to say goodbye,
As I lay and wait to die,
It's plain and simple, can't you see,
The one you loved was never me...!
              Copyright: Emma Bain (sweet-surrendur) 2005
:iconsweet-surrendur:sweet-surrendur 0 16
Forgive me by Dakkuo Forgive me :icondakkuo:Dakkuo 2 8 drowned by wulfmune drowned :iconwulfmune:wulfmune 35 11 alice by zalem alice :iconzalem:zalem 1 22



The Trapped One - let me out
Artist | Literature
United Kingdom
Current Residence: Dundee
Favourite genre of music: heavy rock/gothic
Favourite photographer: it varies.. a few of them i stalk.
Favourite style of art: pagan/beautiful yet simple work
MP3 player of choice: creative zen
Favourite cartoon character: shock
Personal Quote: i love acting, it's so much more real than life
for reasons i'll disclose later i have had to leave this account. i have another one but im not going to give the name here, in case the same happens to that one . if you still want to criticise and love me, *please do* comment here or send me a cute little note, and i'll get back to you straight away. just wanted to thank you guys for encouraging me with my writing. i wouldn't be so happy or so productive without you all xxx so if you wanna stalk me or want me to stalk you comment or send a note, go on you know you want to.

i love you xxx


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